Dharma Talks From Ordinary Mind Zendo

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Date Given Speaker Title Transcription
Sep 27th, 2014 Barry Magid "I'm religious but not spiritual." The hard work of engaging the particulars of life.
Sep 20th, 2014 Barry Magid At the base of the mountain and in the market place: The Zen of Kyogen Carlson
Sep 14th, 2014 Barry Magid Our life in practice: Taking the muddy water as our natural habitat
Sep 7th, 2014 Barry Magid Mu: The full presentation of the whole
Aug 2nd, 2014 Barry Magid What kind of fire is the fireboy made out of?
Jul 26th, 2014 Barry Magid There are no nouns; Buddha's great insight into grammar.
Jul 19th, 2014 Barry Magid How do we carry forward the identity of practice and everyday life?
Jul 13th, 2014 Sei Sen Sei Sen - Jukai
Jul 12th, 2014 Barry Magid What opens up when we leave everything just as it is?
Jun 7th, 2014 Pat Jikyo George The Miraculous and the ordinary
May 31st, 2014 Barry Magid Modern stoicism and the appeal of fantasies of inner mastery
May 17th, 2014 Barry Magid Compassion and responsibility: The Zen practice of Joko Beck
May 10th, 2014 Barry Magid Does the self exist? Opening the hand of control.
May 3rd, 2014 Barry Magid Rinzai and Obaku: Not seeing you've gotten your answer
Apr 26th, 2014 Barry Magid The grounding of our ethics? Questions and uncertainty, all the way down.
Mar 22nd, 2014 Barry Magid What would practicing for the right reasons look like?
Mar 15th, 2014 Barry Magid The Meaning of the Zen founder's coming from the West? A sore ass with no opposite.
Mar 14th, 2014 Barry Magid The teaching of the master of the Dharma is thus
Dec 18th, 2013 Barry Magid Joko's Dog - The Attraction of Metaphors of simplicity
Nov 16th, 2013 Barry Magid Don't remove delusion; Don't even seek the truth.
Nov 2nd, 2013 Pat Jikyo George Uncovering what is already there
Oct 4th, 2013 Barry Magid Zen students are like dogs chasing fire trucks
Sep 27th, 2013 Barry Magid Edgar Allen Poe: A Dream within a dream
Aug 17th, 2013 Barry Magid Life animates us and we return the favor
Aug 3rd, 2013 Barry Magid Aspiration and vow in Zen practice
Jul 25th, 2013 Nils Nichols Nils Nichols - Jukai
Jul 12th, 2013 Jessica Li Phillips Jessica Li Phillips - Jukai
Jul 12th, 2013 Bob Kalin Bob Kalin - Jukai
Feb 26th, 2013 Barry Magid Honesty towards our solutions for waking up
Feb 10th, 2013 Barry Magid Uselessness, a koan of just sitting
Feb 9th, 2013 Barry Magid Post enlightenment practice: presence rather than transformation
Feb 2nd, 2013 Barry Magid Sesshin: Presence rather than endurance
Jan 26th, 2013 Barry Magid Approaching Koans. Feeling the question with all of our nature.
Jan 13th, 2013 Barry Magid Where do you think real Zen is happening?
Jan 12th, 2013 Barry Magid No heat or cold: Surrender and submission in spiritual practice
Jan 5th, 2013 Barry Magid Nothing is Hidden: The Psychology of Zen Koans. Chapter 1: Wholeness and immediacy
Nov 10th, 2012 Barry Magid Leaving open space in which grace can act
Oct 27th, 2012 Barry Magid The fireboy seeking fire. Our reflexive "This isn't it."
Sep 22nd, 2012 Barry Magid The limitations of metaphors of clinging and letting go in Buddhist practice
Sep 15th, 2012 Barry Magid Everyday is a good day. The nature of before and after.

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