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The problem of reversals Barry Magid March 18th 2017

On the occasion of Saint Patrick's day, an Irish journalist contributed a piece to the New York Times titled "Green Beer and Rank Hypocrisy." In it he describes how the Irish went through a process of going from being outsiders in this country to being insiders, and once inside, today, a number of Irish voices are joining the chorus wanting to keep outsiders out. The problem here is one of reversals. When you're down you want to get on top, even if it means someone else will now be down. This mirrors the binaries we engage in practice - have and have not, delusion and enlightenment. It's very tempting to use practice as something that will flip a binary. We starting thinking there's something lacking and practice will help us switch into the other position where I'll have the one who has it. What is the alternative to living a life and history of endless reversals?

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