Joko's "Suffer Intelligently" - Can you suffer without hating? Barry Magid May 13th 2017

A teaching of Joko's was that we should suffer intelligently. Unintelligent suffering was where we used the experience of our suffering to merely dig ourselves deeper into a dualistic ditch, and no matter the amount given us, we would never grow. A very similar concept is the kind of nonviolent resistance as exemplified by civil rights leaders like Congressman John Lewis and Dr. Martin Luther King. This wasn't just non-reaction or sitting still in the face of hatred and difficulty. The hard part of what Dr. King emphasized is that we're not simply there to not react. We're there not to hate. And no matter how much you're treated as a hated other, you're there to insist that we're one people. That love and justice mean we will not divide ourselves into us and then. Even when spit upon, even when beaten.

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