Ordinary Mind Zendo

Ordinary Mind Zendo was founded in 1996 by Barry Magid, a Dharma heir of Charlotte Joko Beck, and is dedicated to her vision of a psychologically minded Zen practice adapted to the needs of American students practicing in the context of their everyday lives. The zendo is a center for non-residential practice and is committed to the proposition that the Dharma can be fully practiced, realized and transmitted in the midst of lay life.

Beginner's instruction is available to those new to Zen practice, while those with many years of experience in other traditions are welcomed to join us in deepening our understanding. Please email us at contact@ordinarymind.com for more information.

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August Sesshin August 6th

Daily Zazen

Tue - Thu 7:00AM - 8:00AM
Mon - Fri 6:00PM - 7:00PM
Saturday Program 10:00AM - 12:00PM

Contact Us

107 West 74th Street Apt BR
New York, NY 10023
(917) 446-9803

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Ordinary Bodhisattvas

Ordinary Mind Zendo is a non profit organization that depends entirely on the generosity of people like you for its continued existence. If sitting with us, listening to our talks, or supporting a Zen center in New York City is in line with your values, please consider making a donation here.

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