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Dharma Talks From Ordinary Mind Zendo

Below are the archives of dharma talks given at Ordinary Mind Zendo. New talks are also made available through our podcast. If you'd like to stay up to date with the talks, subscribe through the podcast service of your choice. Click here for more information.

You can download the audio for the talks below by clicking the download icon on the far left of each row. Clicking the title will take you to the talk page which for many include the cited koans and transcription.

Date Given Speaker Title Transcription
Aug 9th, 2011 Barry Magid A new breed. Denkai explained.
Aug 9th, 2011 Claire Slemmer Claire Slemmer - Denkai
Aug 9th, 2011 Karen Terzano Karen Terzano - Denkai
Aug 9th, 2011 Marc Poirier Marc Poirier - Denkai
Aug 8th, 2011 Barry Magid This Dharma, incomparably profound, and minutely subtle, looks like me
Feb 12th, 2011 Barry Magid Looking at the sick man, the old man, and the corpse and saying that's me.
Jan 22nd, 2011 Barry Magid To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable
Dec 18th, 2010 Barry Magid Who put you in bondage? Our ideas of the master and the novice.
Dec 11th, 2010 Barry Magid The elbow does not bend backwards
Dec 4th, 2010 Barry Magid A different picture of what a liberated life can look like
Nov 6th, 2010 Barry Magid Bodhidharma pacifies the mind. Passing through the gate of trust
Oct 9th, 2010 Barry Magid Our particularities. How does a Buddha deal with his dog nature?
Oct 2nd, 2010 Barry Magid Isan's water buffalo: the changing nature of the self
Sep 11th, 2010 Barry Magid Deconstructing our common sense: Where did you get that idea?
Sep 4th, 2010 Barry Magid The three gates of Zen practice
Jul 10th, 2010 Barry Magid Billy Collins' Dharma. Lessons in simplicity and naturalness from a dog.
Jun 5th, 2010 Barry Magid Lessons from the Greek hero Ajax
May 15th, 2010 Barry Magid Giving life to Zen practice
May 8th, 2010 Barry Magid What is Buddha Nature
Apr 17th, 2010 Barry Magid Lessons from Zen teachers of the past
Apr 10th, 2010 Barry Magid Missing zazen
Mar 28th, 2010 Barry Magid Every day is a good day, even the miserable ones
Mar 27th, 2010 Barry Magid If you grasp this point directly, you'll wear Buddha's jeans.
Mar 13th, 2010 Barry Magid The full form of our lives as Buddhas
Mar 6th, 2010 Barry Magid Don't separate cheese and crackers from the meaning of life.
Feb 13th, 2010 Barry Magid Being dependent intelligently
Jan 23rd, 2010 Barry Magid Recognizing the appropriateness of every response
Jan 16th, 2010 Barry Magid Keeping practice vital as you give up your gaining ideas
Jan 9th, 2010 Barry Magid The stories we tell ourselves about our lives
Jan 9th, 2010 Barry Magid Rohatsu and the Psychology of the Buddha myth
Dec 19th, 2009 Barry Magid On Aging, "I got what I wanted"
Nov 27th, 2009 Barry Magid Don't just exchange wrong for right
Nov 21st, 2009 Pat Jikyo George An ordinary bridge lets horses and asses pass
Nov 20th, 2009 Barry Magid About Dharma Transmission: Just this or A long line of playful monks?
Nov 20th, 2009 Barry Magid Continuing what begun on Vulture Peak. Dharma transmission to Pat George
Nov 6th, 2009 Barry Magid Any place you need to be, you already are
Oct 31st, 2009 Barry Magid Dressing up as Buddhists
Oct 23rd, 2009 Barry Magid Entering again and again into the stream of life
Oct 16th, 2009 Barry Magid The total nature of things. One face in the mirror at a time.
Sep 4th, 2009 Barry Magid Buddhism as a religion

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