Play among equals. Two old teachers enjoying themselves together. Barry Magid November 10th 2011

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The Book of Equanimity, Case 60 Ryutetsuma's old cow


With splendid noses, each one is endowed with a powerful appearance. With firm, real footsteps who needs to learn Grandma's zen? Penetrate the activity of the ungraspable nose and you'll see the method of the true adept. Tell me, who is such a person?

The Main Case

Ryutetsuma arrive at Isan's place, and Isan said, "Old cow, you've come!" Ryutetsuma said, "There's a big feast on Mount Tai tomorrow. Are you going?" Isan lay himself down. At that, Ryutetsuma left.


With a hundred battles' merit, growing old in great peace;
Being serene, who's to pick at the details of strategy?
Jeweled whip and golden horse passing the day at leisure;
Bright moon and refreshing breeze enriching a lifetime.

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