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Dharma Talks From Ordinary Mind Zendo

Below are the archives of dharma talks given at Ordinary Mind Zendo. New talks are also made available through our podcast. If you'd like to stay up to date with the talks, subscribe through the podcast service of your choice. Click here for more information.

You can download the audio for the talks below by clicking the download icon on the far left of each row. Clicking the title will take you to the talk page which for many include the cited koans and transcription.

Date Given Speaker Title Transcription
Jan 19th, 2008 Barry Magid The scowl of Bodhidharma
Jan 12th, 2008 Barry Magid Constancy and Change: The "soul" of Ise Shrine
Jan 5th, 2008 Barry Magid Right Effort: Simply being ourselves
Apr 1st, 2000 Barry Magid Attachment is another name for taking things too seriously
Sep 5th, 1997 Barry Magid Obituaries: Princess Diana, Mother Theresa, Viktor Frankel. It is we who are questioned by life.

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