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Attachment is another name for taking things too seriously Barry Magid April 1st 2000

Let us use the occasion of this April Fool's Day sesshin to remind ourselves that the Great Matter of Life and Death is too important to be taken altogether seriously.

Attachment, after all, is a name for taking seriously something that isn't really there. And the joke will be on us if we spend our life jealously guarding an empty room.

Don't try to accomplish anything today - whatever, whoever you are at the beginning of sesshin, you still will be when we all leave at the end. Just watch and see what that is. But, as always, when labeling your thoughts, use the lightest touch possible - just noticing, never judging.

Just sitting really is just sitting. Watch out for the tendency to turn it into something more, something special. It is neither a heroic quest, nor a therapy for your personal self-centered drama. It's just sitting.

Remember: angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.

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