Knock down the flagpole, there's nothing more Barry Magid February 6th 2016

Of the Buddha's disciples, Ananda was the closest to him. He had perfect recall and knew all of the Buddha's sermons by heart, and yet was not enlightened in the Buddha's lifetime. These two attributes became obstacles to his realization. In Joko's practice principles we chant, "each moment life as it is the only teacher". It is our task not to become close to the personal teacher, but to become not sepearte from life as the teacher, from yourself as the teacher.

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The Gateless Gate, Case 22 Mahakasyapa's flagpole

The Main Case

Ananda asked Mahakasyapa, "The World Honored One transmitted the robe of gold brocade to you. What else did he transmit to you?"
Kasyapa said, "Ananda!"
Ananda answered, "Yes!"
Kasyapa said, "Knockdown the flagpole at the gate."


If you can give a turning word that is intimate to this case, then you'll see that the meeting at Vulture Peak is still vigorously in session. If you cannot, then Vipassian Buddha, who as been striving since earliest times, has not yet attained true subtlety.


The call is good. The answer is intimate.
How many discuss this with glaring eyes?
The older brother calls, the younger brother answers.
The family disgrace.
There is a Spring that does not belong to Yin and Yang.

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