Sangha Jobs Newsletter and Scheduling

In order to stay in regular contact with members and the wider sangha about upcoming retreats and events, Ordinary Mind maintains a newsletter through Mailchimp. The person managing the newsletter will also manage the zendo schdule.

Sending a newsletter

Plan to send the newsletter on the fifteenth of the month. A few days before, email Barry and cc the board, asking for any updates they would like to include. In particular, pay attention to the calendar and ask Barry about any upcoming closings.

Always include the next monthly sesshin along with links to their web pages. If Garrison, or other longer retreats are on the horizon, always include information and links.

The Thursday evening or Friday morning before monthly sesshin, send a one paragraph reminder email with a link to register for the retreat. Send similar last-minute registration notices for other retreats on the calendar.

Scheduling Events and Closings

The website should always list the next four months of closings and sesshins. Ever three months or so review what's currently on the website and add retreats and closings where necessary. Email Barry a list of dates for his review and then enter them accordingly.