Sangha Jobs Jikidoing

The Jikido at Ordinary Mind is responsible for leading sitting, welcoming newcomers, and caring for the zendo space. After everyone leaves, the Jikido should return the space to the condition in which you found it. Below is a list of Sangha jobs for the Jikido.

Before Sitting

  • Arrive and unlock the door by twenty to the hour (5:40 PM for evening sitting, 7:40 AM for morning sitting).
  • Greet people as they arrive, provide new people with beginner's instruction.

After Sitting

  • Clean the altar and set it up for the next period of sitting.

Saturday Samu

Each Saturday, following discussion group, the Jikido on duty will be responsible for organizing a work group to clean the zendo:

  • Vacuuming Zabutons and preparing the space for weekly sitting
    • Collect all Zabutons in use - this means all of the zabutons in the zendo, including Barry's, and downstairs in front of the metro shelving. They should be piled in the large zendo, face-down, and vacuumed one by one, ending up in a face-up pile.
    • While that is happening, the jikido should sweep the garden zendo and move the seiza benches out of that room. The rug in front of the door should be lifted, shook, and the floor around it swept up. Wipe up the pile of dust with a clorox wipe and sweep the area in front of the bench and the kitchen.
    • When all the cushions are cleaned, the garden zendo should be reassembled for weekday sitting.
    • There should be seven cushions out, four against the West wall, three against the East, and the altar should be cleaned and set up with water, matches, and incense.
    • clean the upstairs and downstairs bathrooms.
    • Clean upstairs zendo surfaces, as well as the dokusan room.
      • They should bring up the cushions from the dokusan room to be vacuumed and reassemble the dokusan room once the cushions are done.
      • They should give the dokusan room a sweep and the surfaces a clean.