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Barry Magid November 18th 2017 Every world lost reveals a world unexpected

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Barry Magid November 11th 2017 The Freedom found in structure

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Barry Magid November 4th 2017 What is to be done about the world?

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Barry Magid October 29th 2017 Where is the true self to be found?

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Barry Magid October 28th 2017 Our Life is inseparable from Realization

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Barry Magid October 14th 2017 The Calm After the Storm

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Malcolm Martin October 7th 2017 Malcolm Martin - Jukai

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Barbara Haines October 7th 2017 Barbara Haines - Jukai

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Jimbo Blachly October 7th 2017 Jimbo Blachly - Jukai

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Barry Magid October 6th 2017 The world is not a world of defilement

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Barry Magid September 30th 2017 Jukai as a ceremony of conversion to Buddhism

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Barry Magid September 23rd 2017 What virtues are you cultivating here?

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