Ordinary Mind Zendo's "Being a Zen Student" Group January 11th - June 7th
Registration and payment due by January 3rd

About the Group

Starting this January, Ordinary Mind Zendo is offering a new monthly group aimed at exploring what it means to be a Zen student - in the zendo, in our lives, and in our relationships. The group will meet once a month following evening zazen on a Wednesday. It will be led by Claire Slemmer and Christopher Hawkins. Short readings from popular Zen writings, teachings from the old records, poetry and articles will be provided for discussion in the monthly group. We will discuss how we experience the month's theme in our life and practice. The group will ground itself in the cultivation of emotional honesty, receptiveness, and curiosity. If you have any questions about the group, please email contact@ordinarymind.com


Registration and payment are due by January 3rd. The cost of attendance is $50 for the entire series.


Group is held on the following Wednesdays after evening zazen from 7:00 until 9:00PM.

January 11th Introductions / The Teacher Student Relationship
February 8th Zendo ritual / Oryoki practice
March 8th Maintaining a practice at home / Your Secret Practice
April 5th Practicing with Relationships
May 3rd Topic to be determined by group
June 7th Loss / Caring for others