Saturday Discussion Group

For the next few weeks we'll be reading and discussing a recent paper co-authored by Barry on the evolution Heinz Kohut's self psychology. Each week we will read a different section of the paper. The schedule and a link to download the paper are below.

The Emerging Paradigm of Relational Self Psychology An Historical Perspective


February 20th Introduction
February 27th Part One
March 13th Part Two
March 20th Part Three
March 27th Part Four

Pointers for Part One - Pages 1 - 7 (to be discussed on February 27th)

In what ways might this description also apply to how we view other members of the sangha, including, but not limited to, the teacher?

“In a pivotal clinical finding, Kohut realized that the analyst cannot be a “psychologically programmed computer that restricts its activities to giving correct and accurate interpretations” (p. 252) for creating needed selfobject experience.”

How might the concept of “optimal responsiveness” describe (or not) our zazen practice?