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Dharma Talks 2011:

Continuity and Loss
Sepo, Tokusan and Ganto
Pig and Bunny
Isan the Water Buffalo - For Rich Ring
A Practice of Bearing Witness
This is my life - Joko's Gateless Gate
Snow Globe
No Difference at All
The 79th Direct Descendent
Blue Cliff Record-Case 45: Joshu's Cloth Shirt
Garrison: Marc Denkai
Garrison: Karen Denkai
Garrison: Claire Denkai
ZenCare -- Claire
Garrison: New Breed
Garrison: Joko Memorial
Garrison: No Merit
Garrison: Mu
Wizards of the Way
Memorial for Joko Beck
The Gateless Barrier, Case 41: Bodhidharma Pacifies the Mind
Dharma Talk May 7
Sickness, Old Age and Death
To Afflict the Comfortable
A Revolution


Ordinary Mind is the Way
Calligraphy by Taigi Sano