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"The World Honored One Twirls a Flower" (Mumonkan Case 6):
Talk given on the occasion of Dharma Transmission to Pat George, November 14, 2009

“Horses and Asses”: Pat George´s talk
About Dharma Transmission
Denpo ceremony

Considering the Relationship Between Psychoanalysis and Buddhism. A Discussion at the Baruch College/City University of New York, 2004
Talk at the Garrison Retreat, April 2004
Talk at the San Francisco Zen Center, August 2008
Dosho Port at Ordinary Mind Zendo, April 2009
Talk at the Garrison Retreat May 2009


Dharma talks 2009:
This Very Mind is Buddha
The Student Teacher Relationship I
The Student Teacher Relationship II
Valentines Day
About Practice
Zazen as Religious Practice
Koan: No Enlightenment
No Gain: I didn`t make this up
Mindfulness and Zen
Cartoon Koans
The Most Intimate Thing
Bodhidharma Meets Moses
A Zen Master Sees a Psychoanalyst I
A Zen Master Sees a Psychoanalyst II
How Many Times
Bodhisattva´s Vow is Hard to Swallow
The Total Nature of Things
Umbrella Man
Sit As If Your Hair Was On Fire
The Meaning of Bodhidarma Coming From the West
The World Is Vast and Wide
Buddhism As a Religion
Rain on the Zendo Rooftop
Just Breathe



“Don´t remove delusion, even don´t desire to seek truth”.
Hashimoto Roshi,